Cosmic Moth Moon Phases Witchy Decorative Tray

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Moths — beautiful, delicate, mysterious. If butterflies are the spirit of day, moths are the spirit of night. They’re darkly fascinating with their muted colors and furry little bodies. They are drawn to light, which they find with their sensory awareness and intuition. As a symbol, they represent transformation, faith, and determination, and instincts. ✨

The moth speaks to me as a perfect metaphor for my inner work. The light we seek is inside us. To access it, we only have to follow our instincts and trust ourselves.

Use this tray to create your own crystal layout and set it outside under the full moon. Use it for your tarot reading practice, on your altar, or for ritual or meditation in your sacred space, or use it to give your jewelry a magical place to rest.

11" long, 6.5" wide, .5" tall with .25" lip
White ceramic
High quality permanent adhesive vinyl decal (Oracal 651) in black and gold

Wash with soft damp cloth, no scrubbing or abrasives
Do not soak
Not safe for dishwasher or microwave
Not food safe