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Classic Hot Sauce Variety 5-Pack

Type: Hot Sauce
A 5-Pack Variety Set of Yellowbird Classic Hot Sauces made with farm-fresh ingredients and subtly sweetened with organic cane sugar. This set comes in an array of sizes and heat levels, each with a unique blend of fruits and veggies including rich caramelized onions, bright and tangy citrus, and of course a plethora of spicy peppers.

*TSA-friendly with a locking screw top so you don't lose a drop.

Scoville Heat Unit Ratings (SHU)

JALAPEÑO 1,152 – 2,304
SERRANO 1,600 – 6,160
SRIRACHA 1,325 – 2,650
HABANERO 15,580 – 54,530
GHOST PEPPER Approx. 23,435