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The Austin Cookbook

by Abrams
Type: Cookbook
The Austin Cookbook: Recipes and Stories from Deep in the Heart of Texas is “the go-to guide to Austin eating” (Publishers Weekly).

“Paula Forbes’s first book is an enthusiastic love letter to her adopted hometown . . . The book can easily double as a restaurant guide.” ―Food & Wine

“Delightful asides from prominent Austin-based chefs . . . Convinces the reader that eating (like she does) in Austin is a whole heckuva lot of fun.” ―Eater

The story of Austin food is equal parts deep Texan traditions and a booming food scene. It is this atmosphere that has fostered some of the hottest restaurants in the country, a lively food truck community, and a renaissance in the most Texan of foods: barbecue.

Organized by Austin’s “major food groups”—like barbecue, tacos, and Tex-Mex—
The Austin Cookbook explores the roots of Texas food traditions and the restaurants that are reinventing them, revealing the secrets to:
  • Bob Armstrong Dip
  • Chile con Carne Enchiladas
  • Chicken Fried Steak with Cream Gravy
  • Lucy’s Fried Chicken
  • Parkside Macaroni
  • Baked Oysters
  • Cadillac Bar Pie
  • Oxtail Pappardelle with Rutabaga
  • Grilled Quail with Green Mole
  • Sweet Potato Nachos
  • Huevos Rancheros
  • Texas Benedict
  • And more!
With a diverse food scene and influences from all over the globe, Austin food is Tex-Mex, old-fashioned Southern cooking, street food, fine dining, and beyond. And above all, it’s a source of intense pride and inspiration for chefs and diners alike.

Part cookbook, part souvenir, and 100 percent love letter, 
The Austin Cookbook is perfect for proud locals, visitors, and (t)expats.