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The Bleatles Tee

Type: T-Shirt


Unisex 100% Cotton T-Shirt

What can you say about the Bleatles that hasn't already been said? They were the greatest cloven-hooved rock band of all time. Hailing from East Cumbria, England, they took the U.S. by storm in the early sixties with their two singles "She Loves You (Baa Baa Baa)" and "I Want To Hold Your Hoof."

While they started out as scrappy, rebellious lambs, they soon evolved into a more experimental group, incorporating jazz, folk, and even electronic music into their repertoire. Which, when you think about it, is pretty amazing for sheep.

In 1969, the band played its final live performance, on the rooftop of their studio, during the recording of their last album "Let It Bleat." They played for 42 minutes, until local border collies came and herded the band back inside after receiving noise complaints.

Today, the Bleatles' music is beloved by fans of all ages. Their hits, such as "I Am The Woolrus," "Across the Ewe-niverse," and "All You Need is Cud," remain timeless classics.